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The complexity, diversity, and long-term issues of air pollution have always been with us, whether it is in the home indoor environment or in the public indoor environment. Various Virus transmission methods such as cross infection, contact infection, and aerosol infection have increased the difficulty of controlling ambient air. We need to fundamentally kill and decompose pollutants in order to suppress and block the source of infection.

Active long-term, chemical free, active oxygen sterilization and deodorization cleaner for indoor living environment is what we offer.




Formaldehyde Removal


International Invention Patent Low temperature Plasma Cleaning Technology

KOSHO air purification technology: By the precise intelligent control system, low temperature plasma in high purity and low concentration achieves sustainable and safe purification effect in space. Different from traditional filtration and purification, KOSHO’s innovative air purified technolo­gy, with its core materials and precise control, realizes the maximum “active” decomposition of 
harmful substances in the air. The core components can be used normally for 10 years+. Without consumable replacement, maintenance is simple and fast. 5 Year replacement warranty included.

Low temperature plasma precise release control technology









Fresh Air



Experience the Difference "Blue Core" Technology Makes

Inactivation of active oxygen : Active oxygen can react with bacterial cell wall lipids through double bonds, penetrating into the interior of the bacterial body, to act on proteins and lipopolysaccharides, change cell permeability, and ultimately lead to bacterial death. Active oxygen also acts on Nuclear matter within cells, such as purine and pyrimidine in nucleic acid to destroy DNA.

International patented technology

Sterilization deodorization

Long lasting protection

No need to replace consumables

Intelligent control

Chemical Pollution

Biological Pollution

In the influenza virus A (H1N1) experiment, the inactivation of H1NI influenza virus has been confirmed by using low temperature plasma generator reactive oxygen.  


This technology has been widely used in the public and commercial environments worldwide. Successfully solving air problems which are caused by dense crowds, it effectively improves air quality.

Chemical Pollution Problems Successfully Solved

Hospital/ Nursing Home / Maternity Center

Preschool Education Centre

Car/ Coach

Office Building/ Business Building


Municpal Work

Pet Shop/ Pet Hospital


Excellent Proven Product Performance

KOSHO Air Purifiers
Similar Products
KOSHO Air Purifiers
Similar Products
Operating Principle
Low temperature plasma generator
Surface discharge plate
Concentration control
Control the release concentration between 0.01-0.06ppm/h. Can we used continuously for 24 hours, and can be coexist with human
High release, exessive concentration cannot coexist with human
Extremely minor content
High temperature causes the generation of nitrides. with the increase of oxidation degree, nitrides also increase
Service Life
50000~80000 hours
Normally 1 ~ 2 years
Running Costs
There are NO consumables to replace
Need to check and replace the internal wearing parts in time.
Tolerance To Temperature And Humidity
Can be used in harsh environments, Temp. -40 °C to +90 °C , Humidity 90%
Cannot be used under high temperature and high humidity conditions
Release Stability
Balanced and stable
Affected by the environment, unstable even excessive
Volatile gass
Ammonia Ether Formaldehyde Benzene
Through the release of plasma, the odor molecules are fully decomposed from the source. The experimental data shows that the ammonia at 30ppm is reduced by 50% in 3 hours
Bacteria & germs
E.coli Staphylococcus aureus S.albus
Ozone sterilization has been widely used in mediacl desinfection with remarkable effects. KOSHO's precise release control system simulates the air in coastal and forest environment. Combined with low temperature plasma technology, it is used in living environment. In the controlled experiment of Staphylococcus aureus, the number of bacteria colony has dissappeared at 24 hours, and the decomposition rate is 99%
Pollen Mites
Allergens exist in daily life, which are long-term and complex, KOSHO air purifiers can effectively prevent daily allergens

Product Parameters

Product Model
PA 10/20/30
Product Net Weight
Products Dimension
160mm x 160mm x 276mm
Applicable Temperature Range
-40 °C~+90 °C
Applicable Humidity Range
Electrical Perameters
Related Power
Service Life
The Plasma module can be used for 50,000 hours to 80,000 hours in total.
Plasma Release Operation
PA 10-10mg/h PA 20-20mg/h PA 30-30mg/h
Suitable Area
PA10: 10~30m PA20: 10~60m PA30: 10~100m
Applicable Place
Hospital, Aged care, Doctors office, Medical Laboratories, Office, Home, Hospitality, Govt Buildings, Business, Hotel, Amenity, etc.
Our air purifier, Australian power adapter, Brush, spare screw, 5 Year Replacement warranty. etc.

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