Why we should all have Air Purifiers in our Homes & Workplace

According to the World Health Organization, 99 per cent of the global population breathes unclean air, and air pollution which causes 7 million premature deaths a year.

Good air quality is important to maintain human health. Poor air quality can negatively impact people’s health, particularly children, older people, pregnant women and those with pre-existing respiratory conditions such as asthma etc.

PM2.5, which refers to particulate matter with a diameter equal to or less than 2.5 micrometers, poses the greatest health threat to humans. When inhaled, PM2.5 is absorbed deep into the bloodstream and is linked to illnesses such as stroke, heart disease, lung disease, cancer & others.

Harmful pollutant created from machinery, such as laser machines, printing machines etc. should be filtered, even if being vented outside. If you are not venting outside it is critical to have a filtering solution in place to protect staff, customers, visitors and yourself from the risks associated with breathing in such output from machines. Apple Air offer a range of solutions for every situation with low ownership costs.

There are tons of purifiers so why buy our Apple Air Purifier?

Yes there are a lot of air purifiers on the market. We have tested some of them and they barely meet the standard if at all. Others are ok and low cost but the low cost is short lived when comes time to replace the filters which, usually end up in Landfill. Then the cost of the replacement filters add up which ends up costing you a lot of hard earned money every year.

Our system is different. We use E-stat, UV, Ion & Hepa in various configurations capturing microns as small as 0.03um. Our machines save you about 90% on replacement filter costs compared to throw away filters. The benefit to the customer is not having to spend sometimes thousands of hard earned dollars on replacement filters.

We offer air quality testing services so you can see the difference the filter is making and we offer a filter exchange program for those that don’t want to annually change the filters over and we service and support all of our products nationally. Whilst they are made overseas a lot of the features are integrated as a result of our Australian input, coupled with warranties of up to 5 years with extended warranties available so you can buy with confidence as they are a quality Australian Inspired Product.

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