Looking at the differences between 2513-E1 & PA-1500

Recently our customer purchased our AA2513 filtration system from us for his laser. The customer explained he had a competitor filter system, as show in the photo, that wasn’t working well and the cost of replacement filters was making it difficult to make profit. The machine he has we see often. Dealers love selling them as they return good profit when customers have to change filter. If we look at the differences between the 2 machines we can see straight up the competitor has only 3 filter modules. We have 23 filter modules. The customer reports that the filters in his old PA-1500 he had to replace the bottom filter every 2 months at a cost of  $676.91. He told us replaces the top filter every 5 month at a cost of $636.65  The frequency increases if you are a higher production workshop rather than a home based hobby business.

The total cost per year for the client was $5,472.09 for this client which was heavily impacting his bottom line profits. Our AA2513-E1 as shown here, with a refurbishment program costs a total of $786 for the year. Our smaller models cost even less.

So if we look at the cost of replacement filters between the 2 models over 5 years the customer, had he kept his old PA-1500 filter would have cost him $27,360.45. With his new Apple Air filtration system he will spend just $3,930. That’s a cost saving of  $23,430.45 that the customer will keep in his bank. That’s a lot of money to give away on filters when you have other options. All of our machines come standard with 2 year warranties upgradable to 5 years. The price of these 2 machines mentioned here is very similar.

So its important to look beyond the price of the machine and consider the total running costs, performance  and ownership costs as well as warranty, service and support and effectiveness of the product. That’s why we believe our system is the best on the market. Its your money so look at the bigger picture. Do your homework before you buy any filter and what ever you do take care of your health and of those around you.

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