New business partnership with Global Air Purification Manufacturer MayAir Announcement

Last week saw the Apple Air Team in Shanghai, Nanjing and Shenzhen. In Shanghai we were checking out new products at a large expo and staying up to date with current trends in air purification technologies.
In Nanjing we were invited to check out the facilities of our new business partner MayAir. MayAir are a very large Malaysian based company with 7 impressive large manufacturing plants. The pictures enclosed show some of the labs within the facility. We have decided to work with MayAir in their Medical purification side because they do it so well. All of their filtration systems we are now selling are fully tested, certified and compliant for use in medical settings. I’ll have the details up on the website in the next few days.
In Shenzhen we have partnered with a large OEM manufacturing company. This company makes a range of home/office/medical air purification equipment, and we will be distributing and servicing their equipment, under our Apple Air brand, through out Australia. This company is not a small manufacturing firm. I can tell you that the filters from these machines all go through thorough testing and certification before they are sent to us. No cameras were allowed in the labs so I can’t show you but it was an impressive facility. The cost of the lab was 30Million dollars alone and they employ specialized people to run the specialized equipment. So, we know when customers purchase our machines, they are getting the very best air purification protection possible.


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