New customer saves $18,000 per year in filters.

Clent Case Study for Defying Gravity. We received a phone call from a new client who was stressed at the cost of running their existing filter. The filter cost the customer approx $6000. They were replacing filters every 3 weeks at a cost of $900 per set. To reduce the cost they were washing the filters but sadly they just fell apart as they are a throw away consumable destined for landfill. When the customer found out about our solution we installed our Apple Air 3015-EML solution at cost of $4,200. Filters for this unit cost $685 for the entire year saving the customer approximately $18,000 which equals one very happy customer. Additional to this the machine is upgradable to be able to handle additional machines in the future as their business expands. How much are your filters costing you?

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