Portable, travel-friendly heap air purifier

Enjoy clear air on the go.

A 3-In-1 Design

Occupying less than one-third the area of a A4 paper, QT3 is super-lightweight(610g) to bring out while providing cool and clear air.

Air Purifier

Cooling Fan



Clean Air (CADR)

Small, But Mighty

The QT3 is small enough to place on any table, but powerful enough to provide pockets of fresh clean air, up to 1.2m away.

95% HEPA

Filtration Efficiency


Noise Level

Use it anywhere

QT3 is truly portable. Small enough to be taken for travel, QT3’s compact design allow you to enjoy even when you’re out. Available in Home and Travel models, enjoy clear air on the go at an incredibly low price.





At just $64 EX GST

Buy 2+ for a discount

Clean, Cool Air Wherever you Go

Cool yourself down with fresh, clean air even in hot and humid weather. QT3 allows you to adjust the airflow direction however you like.

Not Sure When To Replace Your Filter?

QT3 comes with an automatic filter replacement button to remind you that your HEPA filter needs replacing.

Personal Clean Air For You Desk

The QT3 fits perfectly on any office desk. Protect yourself and stay coool when at work.


Hight CADR

At just $64 EX GST

Buy 2+ for a discount

Quiet Operation

The QT3 produces just 32db of noise on low.

Sleep in comfort with clean, safe air

Compact Design


Quiet operation


Ultimate Protability

Home Version: USB-C Cable
Travel Version: Battery run on its own + USB-C Cable

Up to 4 hours of clean air on a single charge

Take note of the arrow on the HEPA, it shows which way round the filter should face.

  • 1. Lift off the top lid. It might be a little tight, so use those muscles!
  • 2. Pull the front cover up and out, then take it out.
  • 3. Lift the HEPA out of the front cover, and replace it with your new one.

Easy to install

  • 1 Front plate
  • 2 HEPA filter
  • 3 Top plate
  • 4 Pre-filter
  • 5 Power cable
  • 6 Lockable wheels
  • 7 Carbon filter (sold separately)

What’s inside a Blast Mk II

At just $795 EX GST

Buy 2+ for a discount

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