SA600 - Air Purifier

Introducing the SA600 Air Purifier – Your Solution for Clean, Fresh Air!

Designed for larger areas, the SA600 effortlessly cleans the air in a 60m² (645 ft²) space in just 16 minutes. Its H13 Grade HEPA filter boasts a remarkable 99.97% particle removal rate, effectively tackling PM2.5, dust, viruses, allergens, mold, and pollen. Lab tests have proven its ability to eliminate viruses smaller than COVID-19.
Worried about unwanted gases and odors? The activated carbon filter specializes in removing hazardous substances like VOCs, smoke, formaldehyde, paint fumes, and lingering odors.
But that’s not all; the SA600 doesn’t shy away from tackling larger pollutants either. Thanks to its pre-filter, it’s highly efficient at eliminating pet hair and dander. Experience the perfect blend of performance and tranquility, with a maximum volume of just 52.5dB. Plus, it’s an energy-saving champ, using 85% less energy compared to your typical box fan. Say hello to an energy-efficient air purifier that means business! Elevate your air quality with the SA600.

Allergy Relief

The SA600 removes over 99.97% of all allergens in your air, bringing you significant allergy relief.


for Max performance

Fresh Air+
Odor Removal

The SA600 includes 2 activated carbon filters to remove dangerous and unpleasant smells from your air.

LAB Tested
Against Viruses

A Pet Owner’s
Best Friend

Healthy +
Safe Design

Perfect for Large Spaces

At just $353 EX GST

Buy 2+ for a discount

H13 Grade HEPA Filter

Removes Over 99.97% of All Particles, Including:

Activated Carbon Filter

Removes Dangerous Gases And Odors.


Filters Large Pollutants Such as Pet Hair, Dander, Pollen, and Dust.

H13 Grade HEPA Filter

Removes 99.97+% of all particles, including:

Plus Carbon Filter

Removes Dangerous Gases and Odors:

SA600 Air Purifier

Designed specifically for larger spaces, this advanced air purifier efficiently cleans areas up to 60 square meters in just 16 minutes. It features an H13 Grade HEPA filter, renowned for its ability to remove over 99.97% of airborne particles, including dust, pollen, mold spores, and other microscopic pollutants. To further enhance air quality, the purifier is equipped with an activated carbon filter that effectively combats and neutralizes odors, such as those from cooking, smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Additionally, the pre-filter is designed to capture and eliminate larger particles like pet hair and dander, ensuring comprehensive purification and a healthier living environment. With its powerful filtration system, this air purifier offers a robust solution for maintaining clean and fresh air in spacious areas, making it ideal for homes, offices, and other large rooms.
At just $353 EX GST

Buy 2+ for a discount

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