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Meet The Blast Mk IITM

The Blast Mk II Air Purifier is a high-powered HEPA air purifier effective for large spaces like schools, hospitals and offices, cleaning spaces up to 130sqm. Add a carbon filter to filter out dangerous chemicals including VOCs, pet smells, formaldehyde and cigarette smells etc.

Powerful and Effective

The Blast Mk II has a massive H13 HEPA filter effectively captures 99.95% of PM2.5, Dust, Allergens, Viruses and Odors. Optional VOC filter available for even more protection. 

Powerful and Effective

The Blast’s massive H13 HEPA filter effectively captures 99.95% of PM2.5, Dust, Allergens, Viruses and Odours.






Use it anywhere

The Blast Mk II air purifier effectively cleans large areas up to 130m². Its powerful performance makes it ideal for spacious apartments, hospitals, shopping centers, offices workshops, offices, or gyms.


Clean air while you work. Don’t let your homes be the only spaces with clean air.


The Blast Mk II’s powerful filters can purify large apartments, schools, bedroom or living room of allergens and viruses.


The Blast Mk II’s H13 HEPA & VOC filters make it suitable for health facilities, like aged-care, hospital rooms, doctor’s surgeries, dental clinics or any setting requiring a sterile environment.

At just $795 EX GST

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Why is it so Quiet?

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An Air Purifier for Large Spaces

  • Air purifier for offices, hospitals, schools, and large apartments.
  • Cleans large rooms up to 130m², or an average apartment or medium household.
  • Simple and Robust. Easy setup with proven, hassle-free design.
  • Helps with allergies, asthma, and sinus problems.
  • Quiet and minimal design. Sounds like light rainfall. 
    Easily movable with a lock-tight wheel design.
  • Incredible filter lifespan: replace your filter only once every 2 years.
  • H13 HEPA (99.95% efficiency). Suitable for use in health facilities like hospitals and clinics.
  • Optional carbon filter. Filters odors, formaldehyde, and other chemicals.

Take note of the arrow on the HEPA, it shows which way round the filter should face.

  • 1. Lift off the top lid. It might be a little tight, so use those muscles!
  • 2. Pull the front cover up and out, then take it out.
  • 3. Lift the HEPA out of the front cover, and replace it with your new one.

Easy to install

  • 1 Front plate
  • 2 HEPA filter
  • 3 Top plate
  • 4 Pre-filter
  • 5 Power cable
  • 6 Lockable wheels
  • 7 Carbon filter (sold separately)

What’s inside a Blast Mk II

At just $795 EX GST

Buy 2+ for a discount

Silent as a Sea Breeze

The Blast Mk II’s powerful fan and refined engineering give you extra-quiet clean air that sounds like a gentle sea breeze. A huge fan and an oversized HEPA mean that the Blast Mk II can pump out more clean air at lower noise levels. With its quiet design, the Blast Mk II is ideal for those sensitive to noise, or those just wanting a good night’s sleep. Unlike most air purifiers for large spaces, the Blast Mk II is the strong, silent type.


Noise Level

Choose your filter

The Blast Mk II air purifier offers 3 levels of protection to filter out a range of particles and allergens. It’s H13 Medical Grade HEPA filter is ideal for capturing allergens and viruses, making it the perfect purifier for those with allergies and sinus problems.

  • Removes dust, lint, pet fur and human hair

  • Captures larger particles so your HEPA filter lasts longer
Carbon Filter
  • Add a carbon filter to your Blast Mk II if you need to remove odors
  • Absorbs formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harmful gases.
H13 HEPA Filter
  • Effectively filters 99.95% of PM2.5, dust, allergens and viruses
  • Tested to be effective for 5280 hours, just shy of 2 years if used 8 hours daily

Smart Air Blast Mk II

Strong yet quiet

Air Pre-Filter Upgrade Redesign

All plastic designs for thinner, lighter, easier to clean design. No more loose mesh.

HEPA Upgrade

Lighter with an easier-to-handle environmentally friendly cardboard frame.

Air Outlet Redesign

Improved looks, higher airflow, more clean air.

Rear Air Inlet

Removal of metal wire guard for a cleaner finish, easier to slide pre-filter in/out.

Powerful and efficient for large spaces – your lungs will have a “Blast”!

The Blast Mk II is our simplest yet most powerful air purifier. It’s a powerful fan and huge HEPA filter  – all packed into one minimalist box.

We’ve spent thousands of hours tweaking every part of the Blast Mk II’s design to make it a powerful, yet quiet air purifier. All for an affordable, cost-effective price.

2,000 m³/h


950 m³/h

Clean Air


Air Purifier

Buy 2+ for a discount


Clean air while you


Buy 2+ for a discount

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