AA1313-E Laser Purifier


Our AA1313-E laser cutting & engraving purifier & dust remover is state of the art and designed to effectively filter laser engraving & cutting dust and fumes. Dual inlets available. Using a total of 12 Individual filters this machine is ideal for Co2 laser engraver cutters up to 1300mm x 1300mm in table size. Super…



Our  AA1313-E  laser cutting & engraving purifier is designed to effectively filter laser engraving & cutting dust, fumes & Odour. Available with single inlet or dual inlet for 2 lasers. This machine utilises 6 unique – 12 Individual filters for maximum efficiency. The filtration systems is suitable for cutting and engraving various non-metal materials such as (acrylic, ABS, plywood, wood, MDF, leather, tumblers, Metal Paste compounds, laser inks, fabric etc.) to name just a few. Our low-cost filters make this the most affordable filtration system on the market to date. The unique electrostatic filter simply needs washing when dirty not replacing saving you thousands in consumable costs. Remote start available.

Filters included and available to purchase:

First Layer – Dual Dust collection Filters – Expected life is 1 year

Second Layer – Secondary Fine Particle Filter – Expected life is 1 year

Third Layer – Electrostatic Electronic Filter – No need to replace just wash

Fourth Layer – 5 x Electronic UV Light Filters – Expected life 3-5 years

Fifth Layer – 2 x Electronic Ion Filters – Expected Life 3-5 year

Sixth Layer – Active Carbon Filter – Expected Life 1 year

How it works:

High energy and high ozone ultraviolet beam is used to decompose oxygen molecules in the air to produce free oxygen, i.e. active oxygen. Due to the imbalance of positive and negative electrons carried by free oxygen, it is necessary to combine with oxygen molecules to produce ozone. It is well known that ozone has a strong oxidation effect on organic matters and has an immediate effect on the removal of organic gases and other pungent Odors. 

After the organic gas has passed through the filters, the organic (Odor) gas is decomposed and oxidized by high-energy ultraviolet beam and ozone, so that the organic gas material can be degraded into low molecular compounds, water and carbon dioxide, and then discharged outdoor through the extraction outlet.

After a series of chemical reactions, chemicals such as hydrogen sulphide and methyl alcohol, can be oxidized in a short period of time. At the same time, oxygen ions can destroy the living environment of bacteria in the air and reduce the concentration of indoor bacteria. Charged ions can adsorb suspended particles tens of times of their own weight and settle down by their own weight, so as to remove the suspended colloids in the air and purify the air.

Recommended for:

CO2 laser cutting machines with a bed from 900mm x 600mm up to 1300mm x 1300mm.


Model Name: AA1313-E

Size: 560mm x 635mm x 1430mm

Package Size: 650mm x 740mm x 1620mm

Weight: 128kgs

Power: 2.3Kw

Fan 1.1Kw Centrifugal

Single or Dual inlets available

Voltage: 240V 50/60hz

Volume Processing: 2000m3/h

Efficiency rated at 96%

Mobile on castors

5 Meters of hose 140mm diameter included

5 Meters of hose 200mm diameter included

4 hose clamps included

Heavy duty cardboard packaging and plastic wrapped prepared.

Warranty: 2 years

Meets Australian Electrical Requirements

Purchase – Rent or Rent to buy options available

International & Domestic shipping available 

Installation & set up available at an extra cost


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