AAFM6000 Metal Cutter Extractor


Our AAFM6000 Metal cutting extractor is designed to effectively filter Fiber Cut Dust and Fumes, including welding. This machine uses 6 x PEFE filters which are pulsed with an air cannon to keep them clean giving a long life in excess of 1 year. this machine is ideal for Fiber & Co2 Metal Cutting laser…



Our AAFM6000 Metal laser cutting purifier is designed to effectively filter laser metal cutting, welding dust, fumes & dour. Fitted with first-class advanced motors and our self-braking balance correction technology reduces noise, and the large air volume and high negative pressure ensure better dust absorption.

This machine uses 6 x PEFE filters which are pulsed with an air cannon to keep them clean giving a long life in excess of 1  year. Our low-cost filters make this the most affordable filtration system on the market to date. Remote start available. Check the prices here (insert link to filter replacement page – opens a new page).

Filters included and available to purchase:

6 x PEFE filters – Expected life is 1 year or longer.

How it works:

Our 5.5Kw motor is used for stable operation, and long-lasting service life. It can work continuously for 24 hours with no down time. A 7.5Kw upgrade option is available.

The sealed high-precision membrane filter PEFE membrane material is used, and the debris filtration accuracy is higher than 0.3um99.9%, and the filtration rate meets zero dust workshop standard.

This model uses a 5.5Kw high efficiency extraction fan. The new design, the fan can be adjusted in automatic and manual modes for greater control over dust removal.

Recommended for:

Metal Cutting Fiber Laser machines up to 3000 mm x 1500 mm

Rust removal bays.

Fiber Welding Bays.

Model Name: AAFM6000

Size: 920mm x 1050mm x 2130mm

Package Size: 1620mm x 1450mm x 2350mm

Weight: 580kgs

Power: 5.5Kw – optional 7.5Kw

Voltage: 415V 3Phase

Volume Processing: 6000m3/h
Efficiency rated at 99%
Inlet Spiggot Diameter options are 150mm, 200mm & 250mm
4.5 Meters of hose included
2 hose clamps included
Timber crated packaging and plastic wrapped prepared.

Warranty: 2 years
Meets Australian Electrical Requirements
Purchase – Rent or Rent to buy options available
International shipping available
Installation  set up available at an extra cost

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