AA Platinum Defender Room Purifier – 5Yrs of FREE filters included


Our AA Platinum Defender is state of the art and designed to effectively filter airborne particles & odors from 0.1um. Using a total of 5 Individual filters this machine is ideal for room sizes up to 100sqm. Don’t pay for expensive filters. Variable speed fan controller. Find our why our machine is superior with low…



Introducing our new Apple Air Platinum Defender. Why should you trust a Platinum Defender in your Workplace, Home or Office?

The difference with the traditional air purifier is they capture dust and dirt using expensive dust filters to purify the air, known as the passive adsorption filter purification principle. This means you need to replace the filters regularly for it to be effective.

Our system uses Electronic Negative Ion generators in an E-state electronic filter systems that don’t need replacing – that’s the huge cost saving advantage.

Let’s talk about conventional air purifiers for a minute. Let’s face it, they are all over the internet & social media for crazy low unbelievable prices. The replacement filters are sometimes more expensive than the machine because the manufacturers of these machines make big profits from the ongoing filter sales, not the machines. So, you may not pay a lot for the machine in the beginning but the costs soon add up over the life of the filter.

Consider also that the prices of these machines are super low, and yet the manufacturers would have you believe that a $100-$500 filtration system can clean air the same as a $2000+ filter system? It’s a long stretch of the imagination.

The problem is your health suffers as well as your wallet if they don’t perform of which many don’t. There are other more expensive units that will provide a higher level of protection at around the $1,000-$2,000 mark. While they offer protection, they still require the filters to be replaced on a regular basis. Some as frequently as every 3 months making them expensive to operate and maintain.

Good quality filters cost money. Once depleted they end up in land fill. We have a much better solution. The cost of the machine is more yes, but you quickly recover that money as you are not throwing expensive filters into landfill due to our electronic filter solution.

Filters included and available to purchase:

First Layer – Fine Particle Filter – Supplied free of charge for the first 5 years

Second Layer – Active Carbon Filter – Supplied free of charge for the first 5 years

Third Layer – 1 x Electronic UV Sterilizing Filter – Supplied free of charge for the first 5 years

Fourth Layer – Electrostatic Electronic Filter – Supplied free of charge for the first 5 years

Fifth Layer – Final Particle Filter – Supplied free of charge for the first 5 years

How it works:

High energy and high ozone ultraviolet beam is used to decompose oxygen molecules in the air to produce free oxygen, i.e. active oxygen. Due to the imbalance of positive and negative electrons carried by free oxygen, it is necessary to combine with oxygen molecules to produce ozone. It is well known that ozone has a strong oxidation effect on organic matters and has an immediate effect on the removal of organic gases and other pungent Odors. 

After the organic gas has passed through the filters, the organic (Odor) gas is decomposed and oxidized by high-energy ultraviolet beam and ozone, so that the organic gas material can be degraded into low molecular compounds, water and carbon dioxide, and then discharged outdoor through the extraction outlet.

After a series of chemical reactions, chemicals such as hydrogen sulphide and methyl alcohol, can be oxidized in a short period of time. At the same time, oxygen ions can destroy the living environment of bacteria in the air and reduce the concentration of indoor bacteria. Charged ions can adsorb suspended particles tens of times of their own weight and settle down by their own weight, so as to remove the suspended colloids in the air and purify the air.

Additional Benefits:

In air-conditioned rooms, because the negative oxygen ions in the air have almost disappeared after a series of air conditioning purification treatment and long ventilation pipes, people will feel chest tightness, dizziness, fatigue, work efficiency and health decline in the long-term stay, which is called “air conditioning syndrome”.


In the medical community, negative ions have been recognized as an effective means of killing germs and purifying the air. Negative air ions also have sedative and hypnotic effects. If we inhale the right amount of negative ions every day, persevere, it is of great benefit to health: make people energetic, eliminate fatigue and burnout, and improve work efficiency. Improve sleep, eliminate nervous breakdown. Reduce disease incidence, prevent colds and respiratory diseases.


Compared with other dust removal equipment, electrostatic dust removal has less energy consumption and high dust removal efficiency. It is suitable for removing 0.01-50μm dust in the flue gas, and can be used for occasions with high flue gas temperature and high pressure. Practice shows that the greater the amount of flue gas treated, the more economical the investment and operation cost of electrostatic dust removal.

Recommended for:

For all Office, Home, Hospital & aged care facilities with a room size up to 50sqm


Model Name: AA Platinum Defender

Size: 360mm x 450mm x 800mm

Package Size: 550mm x 540mm x 1020mm

Weight: 65kgs

Power: 240w

Fan 110w Centrifugal speed controlled

Voltage: 240V 50/60hz

Volume Processing: 1300m3/h

Efficiency rated at 99.9%

Mobile on castors

Heavy duty cardboard packaging and plastic wrapped prepared.

Warranty: 5 years

Free replacement filters for 5 years

Meets Australian Electrical Requirements

Purchase – Rent or Rent to buy options available

International & Domestic shipping available 

Installation & set up available at an extra cost


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