AA WeldAir – Rust Removing


Our AA WeldAir – Rust Removing fume remover is perfect for personal workstations for protecting of users working at the bench. Using a total of 7 unique filters this machine is for use at soldering stations. Supplied with either a 1.5m or 2.0m extraction arm. If you work at a bench this is a must…



Our AA WeldAir -Rust Removing is designed to effectively remove fumes from solder stations. This machine utilizes 7 unique filtering technologies for maximum efficiency. It comes with a telescopic flexible arm and hood so you can position it right at the worksite.

Our low replacement cost filters make this the most affordable filtration system on the market to date.

First Layer – Primary Filter – Expected life is 6-12 months.

Second Layer – Secondary Fine Particle Filter – Expected life is 6-12 months.

Third Layer – Primary Fiber Filter – Expected life is 6-12 months.

Fourth Layer – Secondary Fiber Filter – Expected life is 6-12 months.

Filter 5-6-7 Combined Hepa Filter – Expected Life 6-12 months.

Special bundle pack available at a discounted price

How it works:

Solder fumes pass through the machine filtering system to remove harmful fumes before you inhale them. The flexible telescopic head allows you to put the extraction right at the work zone where it is needed. The machine is compact, lightweight and mobile allowing for easy relocation to various work zones in your workplace.

Digital LED display shows when the filters need changing

Recommended for:

Soldering stations, mobile applications

Model Name: AA WeldAir – Rust Removing

Size: 300mm x 500mm x 420mm

Package Size: 320mm x 520mm x 450mm

Weight: 30kgs

Power: 0.6Kw

Fan .5Kw Quiet Centrifugal

Voltage: 240V 50/60hz

Volume Processing: 300m3/h

Efficiency rated at 99%

Mobile on castors

Telescopic exhaust hood included

Heavy duty cardboard packaging and plastic wrapped prepared.

Warranty: 2 years.

Meets Australian Electrical Requirements

Purchase – Rent or Rent to buy options available

International & Domestic shipping available 

Installation & set up available at an extra cost

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