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Air filtered respirator protection purifier Effective protection against breathing, eyes and skin. Designed to enhance comfort.    



Ultra clear large window – wider horizons

Easy to operate. comfortable and lightweight.

All round eye and face protection.


The system complies with the requirements of PPE Regulation 2016/425 and European Standard EN 12941: 1998+A2:2008.

The Respiratory System is designed to provide a supply of filtered air via a breathing tube to a mask head piece.

The equipment can be used in environment that requires a filtered breathing protection device. It protects against particulate contamination.

Powered filtering device:
● EN 12941:1998 Respiratory protective devices- Powered filtering devices incorporating a helmet or hood- Requirements, testing, marking.

● TH3 P R (SL) classification of the unit. “TH3” defines the level of protection, “P R” indicates the filter type (“P”= Particle filter, “R”= Reusable type of particle filters) and “SL” reflects the filter has been tested against particles of
liquid and solid matter.

The package includes:
1. The air fed mask
2. The respiratory protection system (turbo unit + filter + waist belt)
3. Lithium-ion battery
4. The tube, its anti-fire cloth and both end fittings
5. The shoulder harness
6. The air flow tester
7. The lithium-ion battery charger
8. The carrying bag

Size (Blower Assembly) 240mm x 165mm x 70 mm

Airflow Rates:

Level 1: 170L/min
Level 2: 200L/min
Level 3: 230L/min

Expected Battery Operation Time
Standard battery
Level 1>10h
Level 2>8h
Level 3>6h

Heavy Duty battery (optional)
Level 1>15h
Level 2>12h
Level 3>10h

Battery Charging Time 3.5 Hours

Battery Life ≥ 500 Charges
Run Time Dependent On Air Flow Rate and Filter Load.

LCD Display Air flow level and data
Battery capacity
Filter status

Belt Size 35-2/5 x 51-2/5 in. (900mm to 1300mm)

Model Name: AA Air MaskAir Pro

Power supply – Solar cell, 1 x CR2450 Li-Battery

Operating temperature -5c ~+55c


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