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Powered Air Purifier Welding Mask Respirator System (PAPR)


Auto darkening welding helmet

Effective protection against breathing, eyes and skin.

Designed to enhance comfort.

The loose-fit head mask does not require a fit test.




Ultra clear large window – wider horizons

Easy to operate. comfortable and lightweight.

Various goggle options are available.

Moderate strength shell, very tough and high impact resistance.

All round eye and face welding protection.


The system complies with the requirements of PPE Regulation 2016/425 and European Standard EN 12941: 1998+A2:2008 class TH2 P R S L .  CE2797.

The Respiratory System is designed to provide a supply of filtered air via a breathing tube to a welding headpiece.

The equipment can be used in environment that requires a class TH2 P breathing protection device. It protects against particulate contamination.

Powered filtering device:

● EN 12941:1998 Respiratory protective devices- Powered filtering devices incorporating a helmet or hood- Requirements, testing, marking.

● TH2 P R (SL) classification of the unit. “TH2” defines the level of protection, “P R” indicates the filter type (“P”= Particle filter, “R”= Reusable type of particle filters) and “SL” reflects the filter has been tested against particles of
liquid and solid matter.

The package includes:

1. The air fed welding + welding hood
2. The respiratory protection system (turbo unit + filter + waist belt)
3. Lithium-ion battery
4. The tube, its anti-fire cloth and both end fittings
5. The shoulder harness
6. The air flow tester
7. The lithium-ion battery charger
8. The carrying bag

Size (Blower Assembly) 240mm x 165mm x 70 mm

Airflow Rates:

Level 1: 170L/min
Level 2: 200L/min
Level 3: 230L/min

Expected Battery Operation Time
Standard battery
Level 1>10h
Level 2>8h
Level 3>6h

Heavy Duty battery (optional)
Level 1>15h
Level 2>12h
Level 3>10h

Battery Charging Time 3.5 Hours

Battery Life ≥ 500 Charges
Run Time Dependent On Air Flow Rate and Filter Load.

LCD Display Air flow level and data
Battery capacity
Filter status

Belt Size 35-2/5 x 51-2/5 in. (900mm to 1300mm)

Model Name: AAWeldmaskAir 959 Pro

Viewing area 98mm x 89mm

CE Optical Class 1/1/1/2

4 x Arc Sensors

Sensitivity 1-6 levels Digital control

Switch time <1/30000Sec

Power supply – Solar cell, 1 x CR2450 Li-Battery

Shade control – Internal Digital

Shade State – DIN4/5-8/9-13

Operating temperature -5c ~+55c


Powered air purifying respirator


Innovative power
comprehensive protection

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