SmartAir 5 Home & Office Air Purifier


Our AA SmartAir 5 Home & Office Air Purifier is state of the art and designed to effectively filter airborne particles & odors from 0.1um and  is ideal for room sizes up to 60sqm or 200m3. Don’t pay for expensive filters. Our multi speed fan controller allows for night and day continuous protection. Find our…



Introducing our new AA SmartAir 5 Home & Office Air Purifier. Why should you trust our Smart Air Premium your Workplace, Home or Office?

The difference is the configuration of filters, the quality of the filters and the build quality of the purifier itself. Our Australian input into the machine means you can be assured of the highest quality product at the best possible price. The precision of the filters due to the build quality means no leaking of air giving maximum efficiency in purified air. This means you do not need to replace the filters as often as others for it to be effective in purifying the air that you breath.

Let’s talk about conventional air purifiers for a minute. Let’s face it, they are all over the internet & social media for crazy low unbelievable prices. The replacement filters are sometimes more expensive than the machine because the manufacturers of these machines make big profits from the ongoing filter sales, not the machines. So, you may not pay a lot for the machine in the beginning but the costs soon add up over the life of the filter.

Consider also that the prices of these machines are super low, and yet the manufacturers would have you believe that a $100-$300 filtration system can clean air the same as a $900+ filter system? It’s a long stretch of the imagination.

The problem is your health suffers as well as your wallet if they don’t perform of which many don’t. There are other more expensive units that will provide a higher level of protection at around the $900 mark. While they offer protection, they still require the filters to be replaced on a regular basis. Some as frequently as every 3 months making them expensive to operate and maintain.

Filters included and available to purchase:

First Layer – Fine Grade Pre-filter – Expect 1 years life before replacing.

Second Layer – 1 x H13 Hepa Filter – Expect 1 years life before replacing.

Third Layer – Honeycomb particle Active Carbon Filter – Expect 1 years life before replacing.

Fourth Layer – UV Sterilizing filter –Expect 5 years life before replacing.

Fifth Layer – Active Carbon  – Expect 1 years life before replacing.

Recommended for:

For all Office, Home, Hospital, Medical & aged care facilities with a room size up to 60sqm or 200m3

5 year replacement warranty


Model Name: AA SmartAir 5 Home & Office Air Purifier

Size: 380mm x 330mm x 635mm

Package Size: 675mm x 375mm x 420mm

Weight: 20.5kgs

Power: 160w

Fan 110w Centrifugal speed controlled

Voltage: 240V 50/60hz

Volume Processing: 1300m3/h

Efficiency rated at 99.99%

Mobile on castors

Heavy duty cardboard packaging and plastic wrapped prepared.

Warranty: 5 years

Meets Australian Electrical Requirements

Purchase – Rent or Rent to buy EFT & Credit Card  options available

International & Domestic shipping available

Installation & set up available at an extra cost

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